My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

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Re: My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby ceribyford » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:58 am

perfect. very natural.
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Re: My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby lara101 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:03 am


Really great result - you must be thrilled. How are your scars healing? Have you any pictures of the sideburn area and behind your ears? These are the areas which I think are the most tricky to get right.
Thanks for sharing once again and you do look in your 30's again. Beautiful work.
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Re: My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby Blissy » Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:36 am

C:{ Hi, I had the Macs facelift in London in 2012 which was a disaster.
Its been 13 months now since I had the procedure.

I saw Dr Van den Berge and Dr Vermeulen's December the 14th for a second opinion as I now discovered they are highly trained in the procedure.
They were very professional and thorough, they were most sympathetic, they listened to my concerns and put me at ease. I really wished I had had the Macs facelift with them as I feel certain I would have a good result such as yours. I really hope that I can have a revision as I'm so unhappy with the distortion in my face.
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Re: My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby Guest » Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:25 am

Yes, very natural. Thank you for sharing.

Re: My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby RichTea » Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:43 pm

Nice natural results congrats :-F
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My MACS lift at the clinic where it was invented

Postby ginaddr » Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:11 pm

I went to see Dr Van den Berge and Dr Vermeulen in Belgium in summer this year and I'm at three months after the operation now.

The operation took a whole day and I went to stay at my parent's holiday home after the operation.

The result is amazing because I'm 47 and now I look like I'm in my 30s again.

His team were great, really experienced but Dr Van Den Berge and Dr Vermeulen were both always there and they did all of the work

The reason I chose Dr Van den Berge and Dr Vermeulen is because they've been at it for a decade and they operate at the clinic where the MACS lift was invented and I knew I wanted to get the best possible result for my face.

I'd done a lot of research and I'd seen Dr Van den Berge's interviews on youtube and I chose their clinic.

I'd thought about a SMAS lift but I didn't want to get paralysed. I'd thought about a mini-lift and fillers but I knew they don't last and a MACS lift would last for ten years and not be so dangerous.

I thought the best place to get it done is where it was invented.

Another reason I went to him was the price. I sent my photos in to the doctors before the operation and they said I wouldn't need a full-option MACS lift and they offered me a MACS lift, a lower eye treatment, lipofilling in my midface and between the nose and the lip.

The other thing I definitely wanted was a neck lift and we got a lower prcie because even though all of these are included in the full-option MACS lift they told me I didn't need the upper eye treatment or a brow lift so I got a lower price. I think it was nice that they were honest about what I needed. It made me feel much more relaxed about booking it.

Here are photos before the operation started:


On the day of the operation, I was nervous although Dr Van den Berge really helped me to relax and he was always talking and smiling and explaining everything so I felt a lot better.

The clinic was amazing, everything I had expected, like a spa hotel!! All the staff were really professional and I felt safe there.

There was a special anesthesiologist who checked my medical history and then linked me up to a drip for the anaesthetic and after that I was asleep.

The operation took four hours and they did the neck lift, they put my own body fat into my mid-face and between teh nose and the lip, they did what they called a pinch blepharaoplasty which was the lower eye treatment and of course, the MACS lift itself.

After the operation finished, I stayed in the in-patient bedroom in the clinic. I knew I wanted to go to my parent's place in Lille so I'd asked for it all to be done in a day although the doctors had offered to let me stay overnight in the clinic and then they'd offered to pay for a hotel in the area for another six nights. They said it was all included but I knew I'd be able to rest for two weeks in peace at the holiday home which wasn't a long drive away.

My friend took me there afterwards and I'm glad she was there. The doctors gave me plenty of advice and painkillers for a whole week and I left a few hours after the operation.

We got to Lille in the evening.

The next week was hard because my face swelled up huge and it was a bit painful but nothing too bad. The painkillers helped a lot although looking in the mirror was the most painful thing!

After a week the swelling started to go down a lot and after two weeks it was all gone. I'm glad I'd taken two weeks off work because any earlier than that would have been too early.

Now its three months after the operation and here are my photos.


With these two photos you can really see how well the neck lift worked. That was the bit I was most worried about.

I am very, very happy with this operation and I will keep putting up some more photos soon.

Thank you for reading my journal and please let me know what you think. Thank you.
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