Sympathetic Surgeons

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Sympathetic Surgeons

Postby Sharahlouise » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:34 pm

I live in the South West and was wondering if anyone had come across any good,understanding surgeons. I am in need of multiple surgeries after a large weight loss 20 years ago. As you can imagine, with the extra 20years of ageing, my problem has got so much worse. Unfortunately, due to circumstances as a result of a break up several years ago, I am unable to obtain credit needed. Also, as I am a great believer in keeping things private after all, people have enough problems of their own without having to hear about mine, nobody knows of my anguish. I am in a good situation employment wise with being in the same job for 6 years after completing my degree so can afford to comfortably pay £250 per month. I have contacted many surgeons with no luck so if anyone knows someone who could help,please let me know. Thanks x
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