Rhinoplasty - stitches and infections

Postby rdprice » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:26 pm

This is interesting.

Most Plastic Surgeons use a suture made of 'Vicryl Rapide' inside the nose. This dissolves over two weeks or so. So to have yours there after 8 weeks is slightly interesting...

Your surgeon can use a nasal speculum to see inside your nose. Its called a 'Thudicum' speculum, after the bloke who invented it. It looks like a bent piece of metal with small wings on it. Presumably he's done this?

Stitches passed through skin leave marks if left for any period of time. In the skin of the nose I would normally use Nylon sutures, removing them after 5-7 days. Any longer will risk leaving 'zipper' marks. Dissolving sutures ditto, as a rule. We often compromise in kids, using dissolving stitches to save the ear-drum splitting screams as they are removed, but the pay-off is a slightly worse scar.

That said, your scar will indeed go paler but will take 3 months, typically. If you're fair-skinned this will take longer (6 months, sometimes more).

If you are getting no joy with your surgeon, see your GP and ask for a second opinion... this may cost but at least you'll have an answer.

Good luck,

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Rhinoplasty - stitches and infections

Postby bibsy28 » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:19 pm

Hi there.

PLease please please could you give me some advice.
I had my nose done 8 weeks ago now and since then in the last 3 week I have had 2 infections. I believe it is down to the stitches. I have 3 , one poking out just slightly inside my nose, and 2 in between the columella at the bottom of my nose. It usually start on the one just inside, I think from where Im blowing my nose and moving the stitch around some germs are getting in there. either than that im having a reaction. It starts to get inflames and red and the last time I had some ous coming out. also it has made the scar(i had open surgery)nblown and red instead of a faint scar(will this fade eventually).
When I spoke to my surgeon and told him what I thought it was he was dismissive and wouldnt listen. You can only feel the stitches with the tip of your fingertip and you ant feel them with gloves on so he said there was nothing there.
What are my options if I get another infection(which I feel is very likely).
Should these dissolve or are they permanent as he said he has ulled my tip in to make it less boxy, they dont feel like they will issolve they are clear but thick.
I just dont k now what to do, it s made me so miserable and to the point where I m starting to wish I hadnt had it done.
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