Dr Matti for Lipo

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Dr Matti for Lipo

Postby minny1 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:13 pm

I have posted below under Surgery in South Africa.
I love Matti and have had him for several surgeries , face, breasts and Lipo a long time again.
I am wanting Lipo again and wondering if I need to pay for Mattis undoubted expertise just for Lipo on the belly??
I live in Spain and could have it done there and I am currently in South Africa for 9 weeks so could ha e it done here, but I don’t know anyone here or in Spain that has been recommended.
Mattis cost including the hospital as a day case and the aneasthatust will be over 5k, that’s for a day case.
Also having to be in the uk for at least 5 days when I live in Spain is a bit inconvenient.

Would be very grateful for any opinions as to either recommendations in Spain or South Africa, or wether you think Matti is needed and the best.

Many thanks
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