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Re: Breathing/sinus problems - surgeon/consultant recommend

Postby Fulham Adam » Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:02 am

Thank you for the problem is not a blocked nose which breathing strips are there for i assume to make the airway in the nose bigger to prevent inflammation.
Im unsure what the problem is but its preventing to get to sleep completely, so its quite serious, the only thing which helps is rolling up some tissue into a long thin strip and sticking it inside the nostril where the pain and noise is occuring, it does help me the majority of the time but still i dont want to be doing this for the rest of my life, i think its to do with the septum, but i am going to need to see some experts to get there point of view, it could be the perforation thats causing it, its only very small but it could be the reason, i dont want to have surgery again but i will see what Charles says and go from there, i will try and get him to test my breathing when the performation is closed by something to see if thats the issue.

I dont use sprays, i dont think they are going to help my issue, its something inside which is reacting so...its physcial and probably needs to be fixed...but when i first complianed about the problem 6 months ago the ENT consultant said nothing was wrong or couldnt detect the issue as far as she could see which makes me defeintly think its the perforation.

Its a whistling noise, which i know is the perforation, its a very sharp pain when i breathe in and too sharp to let me go to sleep, so something will need to be done next year sadly. Thanks for your help.

I will probably have to see sandeep paun and charles before xmas and see what they say.It is very frustrating though, not being able to sleep can play havoc with your life...
Fulham Adam
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Re: Breathing/sinus problems - surgeon/consultant recommend

Postby Erinh20 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:48 am

What does the noise sound like? Does it sound like a loose bit of cartilage moving when you breathe or a whistling noise?
Those breathe right strips are amazing! You can buy them really cheap on eBay aswell :)
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Re: Breathing/sinus problems - surgeon/consultant recommend

Postby Randeep » Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:10 am

Can't recommend any surgeons or consultants but as a temporary stop gap babe you tried using the breathing strips from the chemist? They open your nostrils up making it easier to breathe and therefore sleep.

I use them as I stupidly started using (and now trying to ween myself off of) OT. Nasal sprays which btw I recommend you stay away from!!!
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Breathing/sinus problems - surgeon/consultant recommend ?..

Postby Fulham Adam » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:45 am


Been a long time but sadly i need something to be seen very urgently, need to a surgeon who is very good with sinus issues/ breathing and the only two i can think of in the UK are Charles East and Sandeep Paun.
I basically cant sleep sadly due to what feels like my nostrils feeling incredibly sensitive to when i breathe in and creating a sharp pain and noise.....
I have a very small perforation which according to gruber and east is not the cause of the problem. Its not allowing me to get to sleep even when i am incredibly tired so its very frustrating and dictating my life right now so if anyone has any suggestions on someone to see or point me in the right direction please do so.

Thanks for reading

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