Breasts/Tummytucks & Lipo Abroad

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Postby tiny_tina321 » Tue May 19, 2009 8:20 pm

Date Of Op 30mar09
Procedure Lipo-arms,chin,thighs,knees,belly
Surgeon dr Djemal
Clinic allysa clinic
Middleman cosmetica travel
Country tunisia
Consultation Arrangements email/phone
Cost £2100 for the whole stay
Time Stayed 7days
Aftercare Arrangements constant contact whilst at hotel and email/phone once home
Happy Or Not Happy happy happy!!
Any Other Details do your homework about what to expect and never be afraid to spk up! oh and it doesnt hurt, it aches. really dont see what the fuss is all about!! lol!!
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Postby Helen82 » Wed May 06, 2009 9:22 pm

Date Of Op 19th May 2009
Procedure Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair, Lipo to flanks
Surgeon Dr Josef Kulhanek
Country Czech Republic, Prague
Consultation Arrangements
Cost Free!!!!! One a competition...lucky me!!!
Time Stayed 14 nights
Aftercare Arrangements Minor issues visit GP, emergency issues A&E. Revisions to be looked at via photographs and flown back if revisions required.
Happy Or Not :dontknow: Not had surgery yet.
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Postby princessnico » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:53 pm

Date: 19th Feb 2008
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Mr Mouallem
Clinic: Elyzea
Middleman: None
Country: Belgium
Consult: The day before
Cost £2150 minus 10% discount
Time stayed: 2 nights
Happy: So far!
Other consults: None
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Postby ClaudiaJ » Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:48 pm

Date Of Op: 02/01/2008
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Sala
Clinic: (forgot)
Middleman: GoSculptura
Country: Argentina
Cost: USD 5062 including hotel accommodation, breakfast and lunch
Time Stayed: 8 nights in hotel
Happy Or Not: very happy!! -8-
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Postby cakey_baby_20 » Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:02 pm

Date: 2nd April 2009
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Cenk Gorken
Clinic: CTG Healthcare
Middleman: None
Country: Turkey
Consult: On the day (pictures by email)
Cost £1850 including one night hotel stay, transfers from airport/hospital and back to my mums house in Dalyan
Time stayed: fly out 1st april return 18th April
Aftercare: Free re op if any problems and guarantee on mentor implants
Happy: hopefully!
Other consults: Transform to see patient coordinator
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Postby Pinner » Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:29 am

Hi all adding my details....

Date Of Op - 27 January 2009
Surgeon - Dr Cerna
Clinic - Laderma
Country - Czech Republic
Consultation Arrangements - via e-mail and pics with Prague and day before op

Cost - €2400 + 200 for test etc (+ another 400-600 for possible lipo to be discussed when l get there)

Time Staying 10-11days...was 10days but flight cancelled so had to add a day and that is 70euros per day but thats a shared cost with 2 other girls l've met on here till they leave me half way through my stay but my partner will join me then

Aftercare Arrangements - One year aftercare
Happy Or Not - let you know after op but great so far

Any Other Details -have had upper eyes and neck done at Transform almost 5yrs ago...changed my life

Any Other Consults - local clinic but £5500 so joined this site and looked into abroad

oops does help if you say what the surgery is doesn't it?
Breast reduction and lift and possible lipo depending on diet/exercise between now and Jan 29th!
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Postby Missmas » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:34 am

Hi, Preo-op i was 36A/B now 36D (2 weeks post-op)

Date Of Op: 17/09/2008
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Damen
Clinic: Elyzea
Middleman: ?
Country: Brussels
Consultation Arrangements: Initial consultaion in Manchester £30
Cost: £2190 inc Surgical Bra (Return Flight £100, Hotel £150) Total £2440.
Time Stayed: 2 nights in hotel
Aftercare Arrangements: 6 week check up in Manchester
Happy Or Not: Yes, very happy!!
Any Other Details:
Any Other Consults: No, i was more than happy with the first!
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Postby happywomble » Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:28 pm

I booked my op. Am currently 34A, hoping to go to 34DD/E with 460cc round moderate profile unders.

Date Of Op - 27 January 2009
Surgeon - Dr Cerna
Clinic - Laderma
Country - Czech Republic
Consultation Arrangements - Prague
Cost - €3450 (BA/UL) and sports bra
Time Stayed - 6 days
Aftercare Arrangements - One year aftercare
Happy Or Not - Keep you posted after op
Any Other Details - Took me 3 months to research surgery abroad and am happy to choose Laderma

Any Other Consults - Mills & Mills, €7,500 and THG, €6,000 (both consultations in Ireland)
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Postby sharon » Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:12 pm


I'm new too, booked my op last week and am sooooooo excited. Currenlty 32A, looking to go to 32C/D. Getting 365cc HP unders round.

Date Of Op - 20th October 08
Surgeon - Dr Mouallem
Clinic - Elyzea
Country - Belgium
Consultation Arrangements - London
Cost - £2150 + £45 for sports bra
Time Stayed - None in clinic but staying 3 nights in Brussels
Aftercare Arrangements - London for check ups and any problems if needed
Happy Or Not - So far yes but will let you know after the op
Any Other Details - Consultation was a bit quick but had already had 2 others so pretty much new what I wanted and had already researched the Dr and Clinic loads before I went.

Any Other Consults - Mills & Mills, £3,600 incl 8 night in resort, Hostpical Group £3750. Loved the idea of 8 nights in Marbella with M&M but costs won it in the end, plus really liked surgeon and there was no sales pressure

-8- -8- -8- -8- -8-
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Postby SUMMERSKY1971 » Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:19 am

Date Of Op ...16th December 2008 (tbc)
Procedure ...Breast reduction
Surgeon ... Dr Cerna
Clinic ...Laderma
Middleman ...-none
Country ... Prauge
Consultation Arrangements ....Consult via email then day before op in Prague
Cost .....2,400 euro plus 200euro pre-op tests, 400 euro accomodation. Flights aprox £90 return from Bristol.
Time Stayed ..... will be 8 days
Aftercare Arrangements .....I believe post op advice given and to contact clinic if any problems or revisions needed.
Happy Or Not ..... so far....
Any Other Details ...
Any Other Consults .....Harley Medical Group in Cardiff, nurse was fab but too expensive @ £5,600 !!
also consult at Beaucare in London £30, kept waiting for hour and half then after a rushed 10mins consult was told price had gone up by £1,000 :disappointed: and no pre-op tests blood etc required!! Also wasted over £100 on travel to consult. :,(
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Postby Carlyn » Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:00 pm

Hi I'm new to the forum, all the tips are great!

Only 9 weeks til surgery, so excited!

Date Of Op - 9th September 2008
Procedure - BA with Uplift (2 different size implants)
Surgeon - Dr Aslani
Clinic - Mills and Mills
Middleman - None
Country - Marbella, Spain
Consultation Arrangements – Free consultation in Edinburgh
Cost - £5500 ex flights
Time Stayed – Arrive day before, 1 night in hospital then 6 in their luxury apartments
Aftercare Arrangements – Looked after out there, then all aftercare in UK
Happy Or Not – Over the moon with the surgeon/company – can’t wait - made me feel so comfortable and filled me with confidence! Hopefully happy with results!!!
Any Other Details – Have just secured finance and booked flights –so excited now!! Patient co-ordinators are lovely, no sales talk. They encouraged me to see other surgeons til I was 150% happy. Always happy to answer any questions, no matter how silly I think they are!!
Any Other Consults – Transform – didn’t like at all, ps was rude and they make you have a consultation to see if you want to have a consultation with a surgeon – bizarre :?: !! Another surgeon at mills and mills before Dr Aslani, Surgicare – all about the sale!

Carlyn x
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Re: My turn!!!

Postby koitattoo » Sat May 10, 2008 3:27 pm

[quote="koitattoo"]Date: 28th April
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Dedonker
Clinic: Elyzea
Middleman: None
Country: Belguim
Consult: On the day
Cost £2005 for op, £2300 max including hotel etc
Time stayed: 2 nights, one before, one after
Aftercare: Lifetime guarantee on CC and free re-op in case of problems. Hope i won't need it though!!
Happy: Yes, extremely
Other consults: Yes, with THG in london, was very unsure about hard sell and surgeon not very convincing!!
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Started a 32A measured yesterday at 32DD/E but still early days X
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Postby looney9999 » Wed May 07, 2008 11:30 am

Date Of Op: 26th May 2008
Procedure: BA (cc to be determined on the day)
Surgeon: Dr Dedoncker
Clinic: Elyzea
Country: Brussels
Consultation Arrangements: On the day
Cost: £1935 (inc 10% discount)
Time Stayed: 2 nights in Hotel
Aftercare Arrangements:
Happy Or Not: ??
Any Other Details: can't think of any
Any Other Consults: none
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Postby treacle32 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:03 pm

Date Of Op: 1st April 2008
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Bert Oelbrandt
Clinic: Elyzea Brussels
Middleman: None
Country: Belgium
Consultation Arrangements: Manchester
Cost: £2150
Time Stayed: 3 days
Aftercare Arrangements: Free aftercare consultations, lifetime guarantee against CC free redo.
Happy Or Not: Very happy
Any Other Details:
Any Other Consults: No happy with 1st consult.
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Postby Pookie_pie » Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:43 pm

Date Of Op: 2009 (tbc).
Procedure: Implants with BrestUplift (BA & UL).
Surgeon: Dr. Cerna.
Clinic: Laderma.
Middleman: N/A
Country: Prague, Czech Republic.
Consultation Arrangements: Consulted via email ~ full & final consult on day prior to my op, once i've arrived at Laderma in Prague.
Cost: £3,300 approx total (including op, medication, accomodation & flights etc).
Time Stayed: Will stay 8 nights.
Aftercare Arrangements
Happy Or Not: I'm very happy with Dr Cerna and her clinic's Email consultations, and their great feedback from previous clients. I'm sure i will be very happy with the post-op results too.
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